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Jabsco Water Puppy pumpe - 12 V


Pumpe, Water Puppy - Jabsco

Arbeidshesten! Konstruert for lensing, tømming av tanker og lignende. Selvsugende opp til 1,2 meter. Kapasitet på 1920 liter per time. 8849 MARINE. Impellerpumpe, tåler ikke tørrkjøring. IMPELLER 1060372. Tilkobling 1/2" slangekobling eller 1" slange direkte. 

Vekt: 3 kg
Tilkopling: 1/2" R eller 1" slange
LxBxH: 195x120x75 mm
Kapasitet: 32 l/min 

Sikring 15 amp



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​In a world of ever-growing challenges, Xylem delivers innovative water technology solutions throughout the cycle of water.

Our technological strength across the life cycle of water is second-to-none. From collection and distribution to reuse and return to nature, our highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs, but also promote sustainability.

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